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Article E2 - Definitions

Article E2 - Definitions

The following definitions apply to Section E only.

E201 Additional Use means:
  1. Distribution in cinemas or theatrical venues where admission is charged;

  2. Broadcast Use – The distribution of Script Material written under this agreement by any electronic, optical, or mechanical means including, but not limited to the following: Satellite; Free TV; Pay TV; Cable TV; Fibre Optics; Radio or any other technology; and

  3. Sale of transcripts, books, cassettes, slide tapes, discs, CD’s, tapes, computer chips or any other recording means.
E202 Ancillary Materials means handbooks, manuals, study guides, or any prepared material in any form, for use only in conjunction with a program or programs.
E203 Client means the party who commissions a production.
E204 Concept means a brief written submission that describes an idea which has not been sufficiently developed to exact a financial commitment.
E205 Contract Fee means the fee as specified in a contract executed between the Producer and the Writer.
E206 Corporate Production means a production not intended initially for television or theatrical distribution and includes sponsored, corporate, industrial and multi-media production. Corporate Production includes programs containing visual, audio, graphic and text based information using film, videotape, audio tape, animation, graphics, photographs, print, interactive video disk, CD-ROM, slide tape, computers, chips and any other existing or new technologies.
E207 Draft Script means a complete draft of any Script in a mutually-agreed form.
E208 Gross Fee means the negotiated fee paid by the Producer to the Writer for services and time, including any payments for additional use, but exclusive of expenses paid to the Writer by the Producer, such as per diem allowances or travel expenses as agreed upon.
E209 Outline means material submitted in a mutually-agreed form embodying an idea or ideas with suggestions for development into a Script.
E210 Polish means minor improvement of script details within the basic structure as written and shall not include changes in the basic structure. Changes not to exceed 5% of total Script.
E211 Program means a produced entity either live or recorded by any means whatsoever.
E212 Proposal means any material prepared for the Producer or Client during the tendering process, prior to the selection of a Producer.
E213 Rewrite means writing that significantly changes the Script.
E214 Script means written material in a format suitable for use in the production of a Program.


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