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Appendix K Budget Certification

Appendix K Budget Certification

 (See Article C1002)

(to be printed on letterhead of Completion Guarantor or government agency)


          The undersigned __________________________________ (insert name of Completion Guarantor or government agency) is the Completion Guarantor (if government agency describe nature of involvement) for _______________________________________________ (insert name of production) being produced by _______________________________________ (insert name of production company).


          We confirm that the attached budget top-sheet dated ________________________ (insert date), having a total production cost (including but not limited to above- and below-the-line, all amortized and episodic expenses) of __________________________ is the budget approved by us for this production.


For series, indicate # of episodes:  ______________________


For co-productions, please complete the following:

The production is a co-production.    Yes _________  No ___________


This budget figure represents the total production cost, total herein defined as all costs incurred by all producers.  Yes _________  No _________


Dated this ________ day of ________________, 2______.




                                                                   (Signature of signing officer)



                                                                   (Print or type name)

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