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Article A14 Contributions and Deductions from Writers Fees in the case of Waivers

Article A14 - Contributions and Deductions from Writer's Fees in the case of Waivers


When a Writer or Story Editor has been granted a Writers Guild of America (WGA) Working Rule 8 Waiver (“Waiver”) and the Producer pays Pension and Health contributions to the WGA pursuant to a Sideletter on a Writer or Story Editor’s engagement, the Producer shall pay the Administration Fee as per Article A12 and remit Guild Dues as per Article A1304 on the Writer or Story Editor’s fees.  The Producer shall not be required to deduct, pay or remit Insurance or Retirement contributions pursuant to Articles A1301 (Insurance), A1302 (Retirement Plan), A1303 (Deduction from Writer’s Fees – Retirement Plan) and A1305 (Non-member Equalization Payments and Deductions). 


In the case of a WGA member Story Editor who has been granted a Waiver and who also provides other services, the contracted amount allocated to Story Editing duties (but in any event not less than the minimums set out in Article 14K of the WGA Agreement) shall be deemed to be the Story Editor Gross Fees for the purposes of Articles A807 (designation of Story Editor fees), A12 (Administration Fee) and A1304 (Deduction from Writer’s Fees – Guild Dues).


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