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Article E3 General Conditions

Article E3 - General Conditions



Payment to the Writer shall become due and payable within fifteen (15) calendar days from the receipt of materials as scheduled in the Writer’s contract.  The Producer and the Writer may negotiate to defer payment at individual stages; however, upon delivery of the Final Draft, the full amount will become due within thirty (30) days.  All terms of payment shall be clearly stated in the Writer’s contract, and each and every payment shall be made pursuant to this Agreement.  Failure to make payment after forty-five (45) days shall result in interest in the amount of 2% per month to be paid to the Writer on any overdue amounts.


On-Site Risk Insurance

The Producers will provide appropriate insurance coverage for the Writer in accordance with Article C12.



Any reasonable expenses incurred by the Writer with the prior approval of the Producer, shall be reimbursed in accordance with Article C12, and supported with receipts, where applicable.


Grievance Procedure

Should a dispute which cannot be settled by the parties arise concerning any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and documentation relating thereto, Article A5 shall apply.


Warranty and Indemnities

Every contract between a Writer and Producer shall be deemed to include the warranties and indemnities set out in Article A709.



On each Program for which a Writer is contracted and where individual credits are given, including excerpts for use in support materials, the Writer shall receive a visual credit.


The Producer shall assist in defraying the cost of administering the terms of this Agreement by paying as an administration fee the amounts set out in Article A12.


Insurance and Retirement Plan and Dues

The Producer shall contribute to the Writer’s Insurance and Retirement Plan, and shall make the deductions from the Writer’s Gross Fees in the amounts set out in Article A13.


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