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Schedule 2 Notice of Intended Writing Credits

Schedule 2 - Notice of Intended Writing Credits


(See Animation Section, Article 1018)




The Animation Section of the Writers Guild of Canada Independent Production Agreement states that at least 15 days prior to the first day of principal cast recording of a program or episode, or, in the case of a Documentary, on recording of the final narration or at the fine cut if there is no narration recording, the Producer shall deliver concurrently to the WGC and all Writers and Story Editors who have been engaged on the project, a draft of the intended writing credits.


Please complete the following and submit copies to all concerned.  If within 14 days of the date of dispatch of this notice (7 days in the case of a Series), no objection is received by the Producer and the Guild from any Writer, the writing and subsidiary writing credits set out in this notice shall become final and binding on all parties.


Production Title:________________________________________________


Episode Title:__________________________________________________


Type of Production:  _____________________________________________

(i.e. Animated Series, Animated Feature Film, etc.)


Production Company:  ___________________________________________


Producer(s):  ___________________________________________________


WRITERS:    ­­­­­­___________________________________________________


A)  The proposed writing credits on screen are:

(As per the Credits Section of the Animation Section, Articles 10031007, the acceptable list of writer credits includes these wordings: By, Written By, Screenplay by*, Teleplay by*, Story by**, Screen Story by**, Documentary Script by, Narration Written by, Contributing Writer, Continuity Writer.  Any variation from these terms must be approved by the WGC.)

* Used only in conjunction with a “Story by” or “Screen Story by” credit

** Used only in conjunction with a “Screenplay by” or “Teleplay by” credit








B)  Production personnel sharing credit

If an individual proposed for writing credit is a director, or a Producer or Executive Producer of the program, please indicate here, in accordance with Article 1004 :











C)  Placement of writer credits:

The title card with the Writer’s credit shall appear next to the title card with the credit to the individual Producer(s), when the Producer(s) credit is next to the Director’s; in all other cases, the card with the Writer’s credit shall appear next to the card with the Director’s credit.


The proposed placement of the writing credit is:


(in head credits)       

        (any other credit), Writer, Director  

        Producer, Writer, Director

        Writer, Producer, Director

(in tail credits)

        Director, Writer, (any other credit)

        Director, Writer, Producer

        Director, Producer, Writer





D)  Story Editors

The proposed credits for Story Editors on screen are:










Please copy this form to all Animation Writers/Story Editors who have been engaged on the project.



Authorized Signature_____________________________       




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