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Section F Digital Production

Section F - Digital Production


Digital Production means audio-visual or visual-only (i.e. with moving images, or electronically- or otherwise-generated images that simulate movement) production produced for initial exhibition on the Internet or other non-traditional, non-broadcast platforms and is transmitted from a server or other non-broadcast transmitting technology to a screen at the end user’s location.


The Guild, the Producer, and the Association shall negotiate in good faith in relation to the terms and conditions of engagement of Writers, including fee for use, and conversion to conventional media, and at a minimum,

  1.  the Producer shall be required to make contributions, on behalf of the Writers, on account of Insurance & Retirement Plans as per A13 of the IPA; and,
  2.  remit administration fees and make deductions from each Writer’s remuneration as per Articles A12 and A13; and
  3.  the Writer’s credit must appear on the same platform and in the same manner where the producer and/or director are credited; and
  4.  use the Standard Writer Contract for Digital Production provided in the IPA (Appendix M).


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