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March 2022 Script of the Month

Natasha Semone Vassell

March’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Diversity Committee, is Brown Baby, a feature film written by Natasha Semone Vassell.

Natasha is a Canadian producer and writer who splits her time between Toronto and Germany. A lover of Arthouse films and international co-productions, Natasha's slate of projects have received confirmed financing and partners from Telefilm Canada, Ontario Creates, Eurimages, ISO, CBC and MNET in South Africa.

"Natasha Semone Vassell's Brown Baby examines racism faced by the children of black American soldiers and German women in post—World War II Germany and beyond to Canada long after the war," says WGC member Willem Wennekers, who worked with Natasha to polish the screenplay. "It reminds me of some of my personal favourite films which take me to places and introduce me to people I heretofore had not been aware of. Many great films have taken place in Germany after the war, but few examine how racism persisted on the Allied side – even after vanquishing a racist regime. It’s a harrowing, emotional script that manages to be full of hope at the same time. Speaking as a father of five biracial children, this story spoke to me on a gut level. Bravo Natasha for bringing this seldom spoken about piece of history to life.” 
"Brown Baby is a tale of parallel lives, told through consequences of time that take a toll on a post-war family,” says Natasha. “This has been a passion project of mine since the days when I was living in Germany. As the world is now more open to viewing and learning about diverse content and experiences, it is imperative to share a part of WWII history that has not been told. Brown Baby is a suspenseful drama of one family’s journey of post-war racial repercussions.” 
Congratulations, Natasha!

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