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October Script of the Month

Adam Hussein

October’s Script of the Month, as selected by the WGC Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, is Tamer's Law, a legal drama written by Adam Hussein. 

Adam Hussein is a recovering lawyer turned much happier screenwriter. Adam has written two television movies and developed multiple TV series projects. He was a participant in the 2019 Praxis/Whistler Film Festival Screenwriters Lab and Pacific Screenwriting Program’s 2020 Scripted Series Lab. Adam was a writer on the upcoming Apple series Circuit Breakers and is currently in the writers’ room for Season 16 of Heartland. He is represented by the Jennifer Hollyer Agency.
“Adam is a thoughtful and talented writer whose pilot, Tamer's Law, showcases an attention to character, mastery of dialogue, and sense of structure that's a pleasure to read,” says WGC member Sabrina Nouadir who worked with Adam to polish the script. “His script, which manages to be both highly commercial and wholly unique, builds tension through plot and character. Curious, collaborative, and eager to share ideas, Adam would make an invaluable addition to any project or room.” 
"I’m thrilled that Tamer’s Law is the October Script of the Month,” Adam says. “A unique look at the law, the series delves into what can be justified in the name of doing good. With an undercover spy angle that sees our lead looking to take down the corrupt lawyer she’s always looked up to, the show adds an exciting thriller element. I’d love to work with a passionate producer to bring this series to life, and also hope for further opportunities in a writers’ room.”

Congratulations, Adam!


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