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Ontario TV & Film COVID-19 Guidelines Published


The Section 21 Film and Television Health and Safety Advisory Committee of the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development has just approved COVID-19 industry guidelines for a safe return to TV and film production in Ontario in the absence of a vaccine.

The WGC worked with members of the Ontario Section 21 committee, an expert physician, and other industry partners (including the CMPA, ACTRA, DGC and IATSE), to develop these guidelines.

If you're slated to return to a writers' room, production offices or TV/film sets or studios in the coming weeks and months, we urge you to read the guidelines thoroughly. They are available on the WGC website HERE. The overall guidelines are contained on p. 1-16, and department-specific guidelines are found on p.17-45.

Of particular interest to our screenwriter members are specific guidelines surrounding locations and studios (p.30), production offices (p.40), transportation (p.44) and food services (p.24).

As stated in the guidelines: "All individuals working on a production should be provided with and be required to review this guidance on Film and television industry health and safety during COVID-19, and any relevant company policies and protocols prior to beginning work."

If you have any questions about these guidelines or believe that a production you're involved in is not following them, please contact the WGC Industrial Relations Department immediately at  416-979-7907 x5270 immediately.

For COVID-19 production guidelines for other provinces, including BC, Manitoba and Alberta, please see the CMPA website HERE.

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