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WGC Applauds intro of the Broadcast Modernization Act


We applaud Minister Guilbeault for tabling the Broadcast Modernization Act (Bill C-10) and putting forward legislation that should have a positive impact on the creation of content by Canadians for Canadians and ensure our stories continue to be told.

“We’ve been fighting for years to bring online broadcasters, including the large global streamers, under the umbrella of Canada’s regulatory system and require them to contribute financially to the production of Canadian content,” says WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker. “Many countries globally have already taken similar measures to protect their cultural sovereignty. And it looks like this bill will make it happen here.”

Bill C-10 arrives amidst an ongoing decline in the production of true Canadian content. According to our data, the production of one-hour dramas has dropped by 30% since 2018, with aggregate budgets shrinking by 33% in that same time period. This is a crisis for Canada’s storytellers.

“The WGC now urges the federal government to enact the legislation as soon as possible,” says Parker. “We cannot afford to lose one more second. We have already lost a generation of screenwriting talent to the U.S. for lack of opportunity in Canada, but hopefully this bill will help to retain those that are still here.”

“There is more work to do in ensuring that the authorial voice of Canadian creators plays a central role in the future of Canadian broadcasting,” adds Parker. “And we look forward to working with the federal government and the CRTC to make that happen.”

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