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Article B2 Optional Bibles ScriptProgram Development

Article B2 - Optional Bibles, Script/Program Development


For the purposes of Script or program development prior to the contracting of a Script, Story, Screen Story or Treatment, a Producer may contract a Writer pursuant to this Article to write a Development Proposal, or Concept and/or Bible.


In contracting for services under this Article, the Producer and the Writer may include in any contract between them, among other things, terms and conditions pertaining to the following matters:

  1. the type of development format to be written;
  2. what the development format is to be based upon (e.g. whether based on an idea in written or oral form, created by whom, provided by whom);
  3. fees in respect of the writing services;
  4. copyright ownership by either party in, or the Producer’s license to, the Development Proposal or Concept and/or Bible;
  5. entitlement to “Created by” or other credit; and
  6. any ongoing obligations to the parties.


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