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APFTQ Signatory ProducersSignatory Producers to the 2003-2005 Independent Production Agreement

APFTQ Signatory Producers 2003-2005

  Signatory Producers to the 2003-2005 Independent Production Agreement(2003-2005 Independent Production Agreement (APFTQ) Updated July 24, 2009)

All APFTQ member producers and their sub-companies are deemed signatory to the IPA 2003-2005, including the Animation Section, by virtue of Status of the Artist legislation in Quebec and their membership in the APFTQ and appear in this list. Non-APFTQ members may sign onto the IPA by signing a Letter of Adherence and filing it with the Guild.

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3861473 Canada Inc.   Les Films Sputnik Inc.
3875881 Canada Inc.   Les Productions 23 Inc.
3899802 Canada Inc.   Les Productions Erezi Inc.
3941796 Canada Inc.   Les Productions GFP (II) Inc.,
3941817 Canada Inc.   Les Productions Kinesis Inc.
3976246 Canada Inc. (Les Production Lany)   Little Bird Television Ltd.
4046862 Canada Inc.   Locomotion Films Inc.
4114531 Canada Inc.   Locomotion Inc. Groupe
4128257 Canada Inc. for Eternal   London Flood Productions (Muse) Inc.
4187113 Canada Inc   Lyla Films (9072-4618 Quebec Inc.)
6159150 Canada Inc. (Instinct Film Inc)   Macumba International Inc.
6545904 Canada Inc. for Zachary Samuel: Illusionist   Mag 2 (Les Productions)
9019-8144 Quebec Inc. (d/b/a Cinemaria) for In Our Own Image/A Notr   Match TV Inc.
9019-8144 Quebec Inc. (d/b/a Cinemaria) for THE MATCH   Max Films Inc.
9019-8144 Quebec Inc. d/b/a Cinemaria for Tales From the Crib   Media Principia Inc.
9052-1485 Quebec Inc.   Megafun Inc. (Les Productions)
9102-0172 QUEBEC INC.   Melenny Productions Inc.
9102-5445 Quebec Inc.   Michel Gauthier Productions
9109-3922 Quebec Inc. for My First Wedding   Micro-Scope Inc.
9109-6412 Quebec Inc. for Smoke Storm   Mimi Fernand Presentent Inc.
9118-2543 Quebec Inc. (Big Bang Fx/Animation) for Orbitgig Delirium   Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.
9161-0345 QC Inc for My Goldfish is Evil   Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.
A. Gelbart Quebec Inc.   Muse Winch Productions Inc.
ACPAV   Nanouk Films Ltee.
Adjacent 2 Entertainment Inc   Neo Films Inc.
Aetios Productions Inc.   Noir Sur Blanc Ltee Les Productions
Alist Productions   Nova Media Inc. (Productions)
Altau Tutti Frutti Inc.   Novem Communications inc.
Amerimage-Spectra   Novem Productions Inc.
Amerique Films Inc.   Objectif International Inc.
Angels Field Productions Inc   Octant Vision Inc.
Apartment Film Productions Inc.   Olympia Films Inc for Heartland
Ardglasson Inc. (Les Productions)   ORBI-XXI Productions Inc.
Arico Film Communication   Ostar (Les Productions)
Arts et Images Productions. Inc   Park Ex Inc. (Productions)
Aska Film Productions Inc.   Partners Montreal
Avanti Cine-Video Productions   Pascal Blais Inc. (Productions)
Aziname International Inc.   Pat Teleproductions
B612 Communications   Pixcom Inc. (Productions)
Baliverna Films Inc.   Planete Bleue Communication Inc
Balzac Images   PMA Biographies Inc.
BBR Inc. (Productions)   PMA Productions Inc for The Three Wishes
BBR Productions (2006) Inc for Emotional Arithmetic   Point De Mire Inc, (Les Productions)
Behaviour Productions Inc.   Poly-Productions Ltee
Blackwatch Productions Inc.   Pop6 Productions Inc.
Bloom Films 1998 Inc   Pram Quebec Inc.
Blue Tulip Productions Canada inc. for Noel   Presse Tele Ltee, Les Productions de la
Bohemia Productions (Muse) Inc.   Prise XIII (Productions)
Bubbles Television   Productions 10E Avenue Inc.
CarpeDiem Film & TV Inc   Productions Auriga Ltee for Winter vignettes
Casablanca Inc.(Les Productions)   Productions Avenida Inc. for The Great Auk
CD Films   Productions BBR (2006) Inc.
Chamelin Inc   Productions Bleu Blanc Rouge Inc.
Chariot Communications, Inc.   Productions Cinematographiques Boreal Films Inc.
Chasse Galerie ( Les Productions)   Productions Conte II Inc for Solstrom (La tele fait son Cirque)
Christal Films Productions Inc.   Productions GLG Media (Les)
Cinar (Corporation)   Productions J Inc.
Cine Qua Non Films International inc.   Productions J. Inc.
Cine Tele-Action Inc. (Groupe)   Productions LGRL (Les)
Cine Tele-Action Inc.(Group)   Productions Lucite Inc.
Cine-Action Inc.   Productions Naked Josh Inc. for Naked Josh III
Cinecelebration Films Inc.   Productions Presence Inc.
Cine-Groupe Corporation   Productions Sexant Inc
Cine-Groupe Corporation   Productions Sexy Cam Inc.
Cine-Groupe J.P. Inc.   Productions Vox Populi I Inc. for Vox Populi
Cinegroupe TTR3 Inc.   Productions Vox Populi Inc.
Cine-Groupe WWA II Inc.   Punch ! International Inc.
Cinelande Et Associes Inc..   PVP Animation Inc. for Jack Belly Bean
Cinema 3180 Belanger Est Inc. for Opera Easy   Regard Inc. (Les Productions Du)
Cinema 3180 Belanger Est Inc. for Opera Stories   Remstar Productions
Cinepix Inc. (Films)   Rezolution Pictures (Moose TV) Inc
Cinequest Films (SLO) Inc.   Rezolution Pictures International Inc for Heroes and Monsters
Cinevent Inc.   Rezolution Pictures International Inc. for Moose TV
Cinevideo Inc.   Roch Brunette Inc. (Productions)
Cinevideo Plus Inc.   Roger Heroux Inc. (Les Productions)
Cirrus Communications Inc.   Rose Films Inc.
Cite-Amerique Cinema Television Inc.   Rozon (Les Films)
Cite-Amerique Inc.   S.W.A.T. Films
Clap TV   S.W.A.T. Films Inc.
Communications Claude Heroux Plus   Sagittaire Inc. (Le Groupe)
Communications Swan   Savage Productions (Muse) Inc.
Constellations 2001 Inc.   Sceno Vision Inc.
Coop Video de Montreal (Cooperative de Productions Videoscopique de   Screen People Inc.
CopieZero Television & Media for Cross Canada Comedy Trail   ShootFilms Inc. (Les Productions)
Couzin Films Inc   Silo Corporation for The Point
Darwin Dimensions for Missing You   Societe Nouvelle de Production 2 Inc.
DDI Television Inc.   Societe Nouvelle De Production Inc.
De Gothika Productions Canada Inc.   Sogestalt 2001 Inc.
Duck Decoy Productions Inc.   Sogestalt Inc. (Les Productions)
Duo Productions Inc   Sogestalt Television Quebec Inc.
ECP Inc (Groupe)   Sogestalt Television Quebec Inc.
EGM Ltee (Les Productions)   Soma Pub Inc.
Emergence International   Sovimage Inc. (Les Productions)
Encore Television   Spectra Animation Inc.
Equinoxe Productions Inc   Spectra Animation Inc.
Erezi (Productions)   Sphere Media Plus Inc.
Eureka! Productions Inc.   Studio Max Films Inc.
Fabrique D'Images Ltee (La)   Studiofilm
Fairway Films Ltd. For The Greatest Game Ever Played   Subsequence (Divertissement) Inc.
Fete Inc, (Les Productions La)   Subsequence (Divertissement) Inc.
Figaro (Films)   Swan (Communications)
Filmline International Inc.   Synercom Teleproductions Inc.
Films de L'isle Inc.   Taking Lives Films Inc.
Forum Films 2005 Inc   Tele-Action
Forum Films Inc.   Tele-Action Inc., Les Productions
Four Me Productions Inc.   Teleferic Inc.
FRV Media Inc.   Telefiction Inc.
Galafilm Productions (III) Inc.   Tele-Genik Inc, (Les Productions)
Galafilm Productions (III) Inc.   Telemission Information Inc.
Galafilm Productions (IV) Inc.   Telescene Film Group Inc.
Galafilm Productions (IX)   Tele-Vision (Groupe)
Galafilm Productions (VII) Inc.   Thalie Inc. (Les Productions)
Galafilm Productions (VIII) Inc.   Thalie Inc. (Les Productions)
Galafilm Productions Inc. (A. Gelbart Quebec Inc.)   Thalie Inc.(Les Productions)
GEP Productions Inc.   Thrill of the Kill Production Inc.
GFB Productions Inc.   Timeline Films inc. for The Wool Cap
Girl Talk Production Inc.   Totale Fiction Inc. (Productions)
Glacialis Inc. Productions   Tout Ecran Inc.
Go Films Inc.   Trait D'Union (Les Productions)
Go For It Productions Inc. (for Gofrette)   Transfilm Inc.
Grand Nord Quebec Inc. Productions   Trinome Inc.
Groupe Fair Play   Trivium Productions
Groupe Fair Play Inc.   Troika Films Inc. for Never Judge a Book by it's Cover
Groupe Juste pour rire Inc.   Troisdeuxun Productions Inc.
Guilledou Inc. Les Productions   Tube Nunavut Inc. for Inuk - Series 2
Icotop Inc. (Groupe)   Tutti Frutti Films Inc
Ideacom International   Uberdo Productions
Image Animation I, Inc. for Constantine   Velocite International Inc.
Image Entertainment Corporation Inc. for Martin Mystery   Vendome Television Inc.
Impex Inc. (Les Productions)   Vendredi Inc.
Incendo Media Inc   Vent D'Est Inc. (Les Productions)
Incendo Media Inc   Verseau International Inc.
Incendo Trust Production Inc   Vic Pelletier Inc. (Les Productions)
InformAction Films Inc.   Videofilms Ltee (Les Productions)
J. Beliveau Productions Inc.   Viking Film 1685 Inc for Hero By Nature
Janidee Productions Inc. for Jonas: La Quete/The Quest.   Virage (Productions)
JB Fate Productions   Vision 4 Inc. (Les Films)
JB Isolation Production for Deadly Isolation   Vitalmedia Inc.
JB Night Production Inc.   Vivatoon Inc.
JB Pretenses Production Inc. for the production, False Pretenses   Vivavision Inc.
JB Unseen Production Inc.   Vivavision Inc.
Jet Films Inc.   Voodoo Media Arts (1998) Inc.
Jeux d'Ombres Inc. (Productions)   VZS: Montreal Productions No. 5 inc. for I do (But I don't)
Jocelyn Deschenes (Les Prod.)   Wishmaker Films (Banshee) Inc. for Banshee
John Hazlett for Atlantic Gold   Wizzfilms Inc.
Joshmax Productions Services Ltd.   WWA Cycle 3 Inc.
Juste Pour Rire Inc. Groupe TV   Yul Films Inc.
Kaomax (Communications)   Yvon Tremblay and Christian Tremblay for Constantine
Kingsborough Greenlight Pictures   Zero Inc. (Les Productions)
Kissfilms   Zero Inc.(Les Productions)
Kiwi Animation Inc.   Zingaro Inc. (Films)
Kutoka Interactive for Mia's World   Zoe Mae Productions Inc. for The Whoosh of Gadoosh
La Presse Tele Ltee (Productions)   Zone 3 Inc.
Lany (Les Productions)   Zone 3 VIII Inc.
Lazitop inc.   Zoofilms Inc.
Lea Pascal Inc. (Productions)   Zulu Films Inc.
Les Films de L'Isle   
Les Films JPG Inc.