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WGC's Alex Levine interviewed by CBC on Bill C-11

Alex Levine

In an article on on March 3, 2023, WGC President Alex Levine was interviewed about Bill C-11. Here is an excerpt:

Alex Levine, the president of the Writers Guild of Canada (WGC), says when foreign streaming platforms became available in Canada, it meant less money for traditional broadcasters here, which means less investment in creating Canadian programming.

"We have 25 per cent of the actual work for Canadian screenwriters that we had in 2014 in terms of number of episodes created," he said. 

According to Levine, the concerns are even more pronounced for writers than they may be for other Canadians working in film and television production.

"We only work on Canadian content. We don't work when, for example, Netflix or HBO decides to shoot a show here."

Without the bill, Levine says market forces mean Canadians "will see a world reflected back to them that is determined by studio executives in Los Angeles and not by Canadian artists."

Read the full article here

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